*Results may vary from person to person

Sculpture of the ankles and calf are performed less commonly. However, to the person who suffers from an unattractive calf and ankle area its improvement is extremely gratifying.  Such patients have commonly been unhappy with this body area for many years of their life. Its improvement leads to some of the most happy patients of any kind of treatment.

Not every patient is an appropriate candidate and in office consultation is required. At the office consultation the main issue to be addressed is whether or not the issue is excess fat or large muscle and bone. Large muscle mass and bone can not be treated with liposuction. Only an in office examination by Dr Sadove can determine if there is sufficient fat below the skin for treatment by liposuction.

In Dr Sadove‘s experience, he has treated these patients most often with a general anesthetic where the patient is sleeping during the procedure. Patients are assured comfort during the procedure and Dr Sadove is able to do his best work for the patient under these circumstances.

Such sculpture truly requires an artistic eye and skill in order to shape the lower leg from the ankle to the mid calf area. It must be a gradual “fluted” transition which requires skill, experience, and  dedication.

The recovery after treatment is not particularly difficult. It does require pressure stockings from the toes to below the knee. Swelling is to be expected for a few weeks and the pressure garment is of value during this period of recovery.

Patients are encourage to stand and walk the first day of treatment. Sitting upright for long periods with the legs in a dpendant position in the early days is discouraged as this creates an increase in pressure in the veins and thus increased swelling.  Reclining is encouraged. When sitting is required elevation of the lower extremity is advised. To know more about ankles calf Liposuction, contact us.