*Results may vary from person to person

The slang term “Saddle Bags fat” comes from the protrusion of bags that are carried on the side of a horse. Removal of excess fat of the outside of the thighs is one of the most rewarding treatments that we do at Sadove Plastic Surgery. This is because enlargement of this body area is often very distressing for those who must modify their selection of clothing as a result of embarrassment with their body shape.  Dr Sadove has been treating such problem very successfully for decades and has the experience you want to take care of you. Patients are usually extremely pleased with the change that treatment of this area brings to their life.

When large pockets of fat are located in this area they are often very pronounced and noticeable. Patients are highly motivated to be rid of them. They are not necessarily closely related to a patient’s body weight. Even patients who are not significantly overweight may experience excess body fat in this area as a function of their genetics. It is often a “family trait”.  Exercise surely will not solve this problem and limited liposuction of this area is very effective.

At the time of consultation, you will see detailed photographs of your thighs on a large monitor. Hi- tech computer morphing with Dr Sadove will help you to understand exactly where your treatment can and would be accomplished.

Dr Sadove has the artistic eye you will want in your surgeon to create a beautiful harmonious shape to the lower part of your body.  Of course, all of the photos above are Dr Sadove’s patients which clearly illustrate the artistic success of these procedures. You can look forward to a new shape in dresses, pants, shorts, and swimwear.

The procedure is well tolerated. It can be performed with local anesthesia alone. A hospital is not required. Recovery is fast and discomfort easy tolerated. Mid thigh level “Spanx-like” garments to the belly button are often worn for several weeks after treatment. To know more about saddle bags fat, contact us now!.