*Results may vary from person to person

The pubis is an area where liposuction gives patients a great deal of satisfaction. Females enjoy the reduction of the mound, and males appreciate the “uncovering” of the base of the penis.
This area has also come into slang speech as FUPA, or Fat Upper Pubic Area. It is effectively treated in men and women. When the fat extends into the labia majora, in sland speech, it is called a “Camel Toe”
I wrote about this in Chapter 85 in McCarthy, Textbook Plastic Surgery. In young males it is called Hidden Penis. The skin slides toward the end of the phallus instead of being attached at the base, resulting in a hidden appearance. The true length of the penis is concealed. There usually is a large amount of fat in a pad above the penis. This problem is similar in the ageing male when fat and excess lax skin hangs over the base of the phallus, giving a shorter visual and functional appearance.
Dr Sadove has seen and treated many penis enlargement cases. Unfortunately, patients are not happy to agree to share photos of their “private” parts.

A surgical procedure is often considered as an option other than liposuction alone.  After removal of excess fat with liposuction an incision can be placed in the pubic hair, the penis shaft skin can be pulled up and sutured to the base of the penis and the supra-pubic skin pulled up and sutured to the rectus fascia. It is partly a reverse “tummy tuck”
This is particularly important for men who wish to have a “longer” appearing penis. It is not a real penile elongation, rather movement of the skin upwards to “reveal” more of the length of the penis that was previously “hidden” under the skin.  Fat grafts and implant surgery can be avoided. The penis is longer in appearance by adding to its length from the base. No incision on the penis is required. To know more about penis enlargement, contact us