*Results may vary from person to person

Dr Sadove is known internationally for his experience with Breast Liposuction. This is often an excellent option for a woman seeking relief of her breast size and weight and not looking for ideal breast shape. The scars are only a few millimeters in size and the recovery is dramatically fast. The patient who does not want scars on her breast is often interested in this technique.

The medical term for large breasts is macromastia, and when large breasts cause pain and other physical problems the condition is called symptomatic macromastia. Heavy breasts can cause disturbances in multiple body systems. Furthermore, the impact of macromastia can contribute to obesity by reducing a woman’s exercise capacity. The symptoms of macromastia can include chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain; chest wall pain; headaches; poor posture; shoulder grooving; numbness and tingling of the hands; shortness of breath, sleep disturbances, rashes under and between the breasts and in the bra strap grooves, and low exercise tolerance.

Enlarged breasts can be of great distress for young woman especially, for a variety of reasons. Older woman often reach a point where they wish to have relief from the weight they have carried on their chest over their lifetime.

Few plastic surgeons are familiar with this technique. The technique is not covered by insurance and most plastic surgeons/patients prefer payment of this be done by health insurance providers.

The main misunderstanding is the incorrect fear that removal of fat from the breast will create an unattractive empty hanging breast. On the contrary, as the photos clearly demonstrate, the newly emptied breast contracts and is not only smaller, but the nipples are higher.

Most patients experience a two cup size reduction in volume after the weight is removed.

It must be clearly understood that this procedure is for patients who prefer to avoid large scars on their breast, a long operation/recovery, and are not seeking perfection in breast shape. To know more about breast liposuction, contact us.